Jiraan presents 12 musicians from a broad spectrum of musical worlds; together, they create a novel intercultural sound that transcends established notions of style and convention. The ensemble started in 2016 in Belgium, and now is preparing for a tour in fall 2021 on some of the most eminent European concert halls.

Led by the composer and virtuoso Shalan Alhamwy, The 12 masters represent a variety of traditions, playing Middle Eastern and Western instruments such as ney, oud, kanun, kemenche, contrabass, violins, singing, piano, accordion, frame drum, drum set, clarinet and saxophone. During the rehearsal and performance process, individual cultures melt away and a feeling of camaraderie emerges. Through improvisation, the group forms a non-hierarchical social microcosm based on compassion and connection in the collective pursuit of beauty. We want to say: Music rises above borders, politics and ideologies.